Simon’s Auto Body


Simon’s Auto Body is specialized in repair of automobiles. From a little scratch to a big collision, offering complete services on auto looks. For the fourth year in a row, Simon’s Auto Body is recommended and recognized as a reference in the market of auto repair and auto painting in the Metrowest region.

A car accident is always unpleasant. After the frequent argument about “who is to blame” it is common that the drivers don’t know what the next step to take is. At this moment, with no fear or worry, you should call Simon’s Auto Body, the best in repairing and painting. At Simon’s Auto Body, you count on an organized company structure with administrative personal and repair technicians. In addition, it is always worth to remember that Simon’s Auto Body recognizes and shares the passion the people have for their automobiles, resulting on a high level of expectations regarding the service performed in their cars.

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